Quitting smoking is not a utopia. Here are ten useful tips

Virtually every self-respecting smoker has at least one grandfather who lived for up to a hundred years by smoking two packs a day. “And they were the Nationals without a filter !” The most fortunate tobacco addicts, then, also have a friend who had an acquaintance who had at least one healthy and vegetarian cousin who died suddenly at the age of 40 last month without having ever smoked a cigarette in his life.

Beyond the fatalism of the facade, however, every smoker knows, deep down, that f umare hurts a lot, it costs a lot of money and erases other pleasures of life , as the flavors, smells and chase the bus without collapsing to the ground after three meters.

The truth is that quitting is very, very difficult . So difficult that according to statistics, globally, 90% of do-it-yourself attempts fail. However, here are ten tips for those who decide to get smart and try.

Plan . Once you get out of the smoke tunnel you will be better, you will have more breath, more money, better skin, more regular pressure and so on and so forth. But the first few days will be bad and the first 48 maybe even worse. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, difficulty concentrating and loss of sense of time and heightened nervousness. In short, you run the risk of being a time bomb. This is why it is advisable to program the last cigarette taking into account work and social commitments.

Search for help . Being a vicious can be cool, being a drug addict is a poor loser, so we talk about vice when in reality smoking is a real addiction to nicotine, a substance that induces the production of dopamine and adrenaline, two neurotransmitters associated with pleasure, to well-being and euphoria. The best thing to cure yourself of this addiction is therefore to consult a specialist, avoiding “miraculous methods” such as smoking in the eyes.

The attending physician will be able to direct us to one of the 400 or so Anti-Smoking Centers of hospitals and local health authorities in our country. With the pharmacological and psychological help provided by a specialized center the chances of success rise to 50%.

Don’t give up on the first failure . You have been warned, if you put it in your head that “tomorrow I will stop” you have a good chance of starting again the day after tomorrow. but do not despair: you can take advantage of the first failure to try again with the debts adjustments.