Treating anxiety the right way

If you or a loved one is suffering from anxiety problems, therapy is usually an effective treatment option. Instead of just relying on medication to treat your anxiety it is better to go for therapy because it actually treats not only the symptoms of the problem but the root cause of it as well.

Therapy can actually help you understand what exactly is wrong and how you can make it right. Your therapist would make sure that they allow you to understand the different tools which can be used to overcome anxiety.

It should be kept in mind that anxiety disorders differ from one person to another. This is also one reason why the treatment plan for each individual is different. The number of sessions which somebody would require would depend upon the type and severity of the condition. Usually most anxiety related issues if caught early on can be treated on a short-term notice. However if the anxiety has been troubling an individual for many years it might take some time for them to overcome it all together.

Sometimes people are prescribed medication along with anxiety therapy. The goal is to lower the anxiety levels and calm down a person.

Cognitive behavioral therapy at anxiety therapy Brisbane

CBT cognitive behavioral therapy is one of the most commonly used method for treating anxiety disorders. There is research which shows that when CBT is combined with proper medication it can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety up to 80% in most individuals.

There are two components of CBT, these include

Cognitive therapy and behavioral therapy

The cognitive therapy identifies what thoughts might be the cause of a person’s anxiety and behavioral therapy is an observation of how an individual would react when waste with these anxious thoughts.

People suffering from anxiety disorder often are unable to navigate the negative emotions. These emotions create fear in their mind. The major aim of cognitive behavioral therapy is to ensure that an individual is able to channel then negative thoughts into something more positive and even if they are faced with such a challenge they should use certain behavioral techniques to help them overcome it in social situations.

Exposure therapy

As the name suggests exposure therapy is a way of exposing individual to situations objects which they fear. When they are repeatedly exposed to such situations they may start feeling of familiarity which would help keep their anxiety at Bay.

The treatment usually starts with the situation which is only mildly threatening and is then worked up. Such an approach is called the systematic desensitization. Slowly a person becomes immune to such exposures and they would finally be able to get rid of the anxiety.

Relaxation techniques

Your therapist might also require that you learn a few relaxation techniques which you can practice at your leisure at home as well. The key is to allow an individual to confront their fears and then use this relaxation techniques to reduce the physical response towards anxiety.

The above mentioned are only a few approaches to treating anxiety. Make sure that you visit the facility for more information.